Monday, March 18, 2013

For the Love of His Truth - Love Take Down Notices

My name is Jennifer Strydom, and this is my first blog posting. I am re-posting an article that was forcefully removed off of by Elmarie. Elmarie did not like what Deborah had written about them in the below article and instead of abiding by scripture: 1 Corinthians 6, they went to the law (unbelievers) and spun the following story:

Take-Down Notice TDN.#443 (lodged via the ISPA website):

Name: Elmarie 
Problem Activity:
Describe Problem: 
A case of malicious defamation and privacy infringement.
This article (See link provided) is where we are slandered and our names
are made public without consent. The website/blog owner , placed private
emails between her and a dear friend of ours
 , we are the subject ot
theses private emails. Is it possible that the blog owner can place such
emails where our names are mentioned in public ? Can one not look at the
aspect that the private emails , where posted without our prior notice or
intention of doing so. By reading these emails written by the blog owner
to our friend clearly indicated vindictive and a rage of jealousy. Our
aim is to get the content removed . It is slanderous with intention to
commit nothing but character assassination on our religious beliefs
. Is
there something one can do and have these posts and comments removed ?
Hope to hear from you soon. If you really think my effort to try and do
something about this is futile please advise.  
Remedial Action:
Complete Article should be removed . 
The above information is to my knowledge true and correct and has been
provided in good faith.

I contacted Deborah from Discerning the World when I noticed this article was missing and I was informed of the story. I could not believe it. DTW was forced to remove the article and no platform was given to defend herself. It appeared that Elmarie had found a loophole in which to complain about just about anyone, if you are hosted in South Africa, with the recourse being in her favour. In Elmarie's mind the Church and State are one, just like John Calvin did with his victims. If this is how the ISPA handles religious debates, then religious freedom of speech in South Africa is doomed, and Elmarie is the catalyst of things to come.

It was then that I decided that I would take a stand and finally open my blog. The first article would be the article that was unfairly removed from DTW.

The above information supplied by Elmarie to the ISPA was not truthful because of the following reasons:

1.  They know fully well that speaking against false teaching is Biblically allowed and not malicious defamation.
2.  Elmarie and Grant have a public website called where they publicly display their names. They also allow their names to be displayed on other websites such as, that they do not complain about.
3.  The emails were initiated between Deborah and Professor Malan and nowhere on the email was there a legally binding notice of privacy and confidentiality.

(17.07.13 : article removed by request from Deborah from DTW)